The R Word

People sometimes have different opinions on this matter. I know of a couple of kids with special needs who use the word “Retarded”. Mostly to be accepted by their peers and to be liked by them as well. But I also know some parents of special needs kids who let the R word slip out from time to time. It’s something that a lot of people in this society have grown too comfortable with doing. And this vulgarity is something that shows no compassion, no love, no heart to our fellow family of the world.

I for one, think that the use of the R word is highly offensive and repulsive to use. Many special needs kids and adults understand why the R word is used in everyday language, it is a slang for saying something is stupid… but considering the official medical diagnose for some one who suffers with mental challenges is retarded, it is NOT OKAY! You are spitting on people who have done nothing to deserve such treatment and I ask of you to consider what you are doing.

In my opinion, the use of the R word is just as wrong and hurtful as the use of the N word (nigger) and the G word (gay). The only difference is that special needs affects all genders all sexualities all races! Why show hatred and nonacceptance for people who have struggled in ways unimaginable to us. Their challenges are often with things that you and I take for granted, and to be further pushed away by people who haven’t even bothered to get to know them.

Special needs individuals want the same things we all want, to be happy and accepted and loved. By using the R word you make it that much more difficult for them to belong and feel whole in their own world. By saying the R word you say to them, that you don’t fit in with the rest of “us”. Special needs can be a very lonely and secluded life for some, especially when the whole word demonstrates that you don’t belong in it.

If we can eliminate the use of the R word we can open up the world to the special needs community, we can give them a chance to feel like they aren’t disabled and that they aren’t handicapped (which they are not). We can give them love, acceptance, and happiness.


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