Worth While Work

Over the almost three years that I have been working with individuals with special needs, I have come across many peers who were:


over what I do and that I do it in the first place. My job (respite service provider) is not a super hard job; however, I will say that some people would be better suited in a different field. Basically what you need to be a successful provider is to be:


If you can manage those characteristics then we would love to have you in the field.

But what i do isn’t hard if you have the right attitude. I am a friend and a parent of my kiddos; like an older sister, which I am that also :-). I can be goofy with my kids and serious when they need me to be. I watch for their safety and I encourage them to do tasks and new things. Sometimes it can be frustrating but you just have to be the bigger person and realize that there’s no need to feel anger or frustration. If something isn’t going your way then just take a step back and wait. Waiting is a big part of the job, but really the world is in too much of a hurry anyways, so it’s okay!!

If you are a sibling or a parents or a friend then you could do my job. It just takes compassion and common sense.

Join me!!!! šŸ™‚


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