Often in the world of special needs, the word medication is thrown around an awful lot.

Many parents struggle with figuring out if they should or should not medicate their child. Well my answer to this is it all depends on your child.

If no behavioral problems are present then I wouldn’t worry about it until there are issues. With that said, if your child is struggling (I.e. physical violence, self abuse, etc.) then you need to think critically about your next steps.

We all know that we love our kids and don’t want to change who they are or possible hurt them in the process, but if they are having behavioral problems you need to think of what will be best for your kiddo.

In my experience, my kids who are medicated are kids who NEED to be medicated, or they’ll be in such a bad place without it. We’re talking screaming, biting, pinching, kicking, hitting, bashing their head in and much worse.

Now one of my kiddos has been threw a lot of trials and tribulations with different medications. Once he was even hospitalized over a bad reaction to one of the medications. The same medication in which has worked for years with my brother. Which just goes to show that what works for one is awful for another.

The biggest thing I have learned from my years seeing these things is that you need to be open to any and everything. Trying a different diet (cutting out gluten or casein sometimes works), different medications, different approaches is the key to the better health for your child.


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