The Broken System


Our medical care system needs to be changed. After every horrible disaster our nation experiences there’s a lot of talk thrown around about gun control and religion. And even more extensively, talk about exterminating the individual who committed the deed.

These ideas and what we have are obviously not working!

For me, I always find such talk so disgusting. We are suppose to be a united nation, but we are just a nation that turns our backs on the individuals that need the most help. Hatred for these people only brings on more hate. It does not help our families, it does not help our victims, it just increases the stigma our nation has on mental illness.

The solution our government has for these mental illnesses is to put them in jail when they have finally gone over the edge and done something wrong. The link below is a beautiful article written by a mother of a mentally ill child with an opinion that I fully agree with and feel myself.

Adams Mom

My brother use to have a therapist who’s son struggled with the same extreme behavioral issues as portrayed in the article. I remember some of the things that happened to him and the family and it appalling to see that nothing has improved over the years for these extreme mental illnesses.

And now I also work with a kiddo that also struggles with extreme behavioral issues. Nothing comparable to the threat of death upon another human life, but there is a constant threat of violence. He’s quick to act and has major mood swings and is only getting stronger as he gets older. His violent outbursts are not something he wants to do, I’ve worked with him for over two years and can tell that he’s just desperate for help. Help that he is unable to get.

Our schools systems don’t do as much as they should, our families aren’t provided with the right amount of care that they need, and extreme mental illness is not dealt with until there is a disaster that occurs.

“These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.” -President Obama


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