Kill the Diseased to Save Some Fees!

Kill the Diseased and Save Some Fees

In our society what do you see? The rich and famous, the middle class families, the poor and the hungry; but where within these social classes does our true economic troubles lie? Our money dies within the beating hearts of the mentally challenged. Our Nation once prided it’s self on our ever expanding economy, but what are we now? We as a whole country have taken a huge step backwards. Our economy is in dire deprivation, money’s just being wasted, life saving research being neglected! America once stood as a triumphant leader for all other countries to look to in awe. Now, we have fallen so behind that primitive countries like China are becoming the dominating force.

But how did we manage to fall so far down from where our four father’s had originally laid the ground work for this great country? Some people have said that it’s not the retarded populations fault; but I ask you America, if it is not theirs then whose is it? Who is there to blame? The answer is simple and the solution is easy. We need to exterminate those who are plaguing our cities and diminishing the strength of our country! The mentally challenged persons within OUR world!

For years my politicians have been searching for a solution, but there has never been an alternative answer. It seems cruel; however, when you really sit down and think it over, nothing has been more clear. Killing off the diseased would save us tremendous fees. Our whole society that we have grown up in, learned in, and worked in would be benefited from this procedure.

Already we are over populated as it is, and America there is no better way to make our cities more livable then to remove the contaminated from it all together. Consider this, every one child in one thousand six hundred children born is born with some type of disorder whether that is physical or mental. Just think of how better off our natural resources would be with out those creatures in our world dissolving it and using it for themselves.

Speaking from an economic prospective, our money, taxes, and our government’s hard earned lucrative money would be saved for something that benefit’s all of America. No more needless spending on their medical needs, no more money for their homes, and no more money spent on a pointless education. With my five-year plan for America, these saved economies could be put to such fantastic uses by not wasting it on THEM. Our researchers would be freed from these disabling nuances and can start to try to find a cure for something more important! They could be doing something for a better suited cause, something we all could benefit from, like the ground breaking research on silicon implants. America, I know we can all get behind that financial choice for research above anything else.

Moreover, if elected we could also benefit the environmentalist by no longer using harmful testing on animals. If we as a country decided to spare a few of these retarded peoples, we would be able to further benefit our scientific research and our animal populations. I for one, am dreadfully tired America; tired of this whole uproar about animal cruelty. Never has a clearer solution for all of our problems been found. We all know by now that the mentally disabled don’t have any real feelings in the first place. I do not know of a single person who would be opposed to using them instead. It’s a great solution. And besides it’s not like they would be able to object.

These fowl creatures are just draining our hope for a better future. If we do not act now then our American Dream is already diminished. In order for us to be content and comfortable in our million dollar cars and homes we must get rid of the plagues within our way.

We must kill the diseased and save some fees! Let’s “keep America American!”


This is a satirical paper I wrote as a Junior in high school. With the election quickly coming to it’s climax I can’t help but remember this piece. Continuously funding for special needs children and adults is being cut and put towards things that have not seemed to benefit OUR society. I am not an overly political person; however, please keep in mind who you are voting for and what you are indirectly supporting. The likely hood of special needs of any kind someday affecting you or your family is highly probable, and when that day comes you will too understand how disgusting these cuts to their benefits truly are. Their mental disabilities are DISABILITIES, they are not something that they asked for or had “coming to them”; the mentally challenged are innocent and pure and deserve the support of our country, not to be dismissed into the shadows and given up to the streets (that is where the term “handicapped” came from in the first place: it refers to cap in hand, because they all were beggars and homeless).

Please just keep these ideas in mind, if cutting is continuously occurring, where will we be 10 years from now? The ideas presented in my satirical piece seem outlandish but the reality is that we are beginning to head in this direction and it begs the question, what kind of society do you want to live in?


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