Some people have asked me why I have made this blog, what’s the point of it all?

Well truthfully, I began this blog for a class I was in earlier this spring. The assignment was to create a blog and post similar topics on it weekly. For me, I had to come up with a topic that I thought I could post 500 words on per week. So I came up with this site.

My goal has always been the same; to strengthen awareness and closeness for our special needs community.

When I was growing up, in the early 90s, there were practically zero resources available for my family. At that point, almost no one had even heard of autism. Now a days, things have greatly improved; just about everyone I come into contact with is significantly more familiar and more aware and accepting of individuals with special needs.

However, there’s still people out there who aren’t as aware as they should be. In addition, there are families that could use advise from someone who’s been through it already. And even more so, there are still limited resources for siblings like my self.

My purpose: to give back to the community the best I can. To help find the missing pieces to our amazing special world.


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