Adam's Camp 2010

Adam’s Camp Adventure Camp Dance 2010

To start this post I would just like to apologize for not posting more frequently, it has been a busy couple of weeks for me!

This week I just spent at the wonderful Adam’s Camp here in Colorado. It was a wonderful week. I have mentioned Adam’s Camp in previous posts but to state it more concretely, Adam’s Camp is a wonderful camp that offers families and individuals a great variety of different camping experiences.

There are three types of Adam’s Campers (for individuals with special needs). There are the Pathfinders, Trailblazers, and Adventure campers.

Pathfinders, which is the group I volunteered with this week, is a $3000 camping experience that offers younger campers ground breaking therapies that will greatly aid both them and their families beyond here at Adam’s Camp; while also providing a legitimate camping experience for the kids who wouldn’t be able to get that otherwise.

Then there is Trailblazers, which is for the older and slightly more developed kids. Trailblazers go out on adventures during the day, as well as working with therapists  and have one sleepover night at the end of the week.

Then there is the Adventure campers. The Adventure campers are older (typically), and much more capable of taking care of themselves (for the most part). They go rock climbing, rafting, go out into town, do the alpine slide and so so much more.

Truly, all of these camps are amazing for an amazing group of people. This week I volunteered with the Pathfinders group, and what an amazing week it has been. It is such a great feeling to really see what a difference just a hand full of people can make. My team’s camp name was “Poppy” and within our Poppy team we had an Occupational Therapist, a Music Therapist, an Art Therapist, a Speech-Language Pathologist, and a Physical Therapist, along with myself and another volunteer.

We had five kids this week (changed names for confidentiality reasons), we had a girl with DS (Down syndrome) named Tia, a boy with DS named Matt, another boy with DS named Micheal, and a boy named James with a hemispherectomy and a girl named Virginia with the same medical surgery.

Now for those of you who are not well acquainted with a hemispherectomy, it is a surgical procedure where they remove one half of your brain. This procedure is done primarily when one half of the brain is causing numerous and continuous seizures. For Virgina, she had a tumor and had the tumor removed; after the tumor was removed she began to have the seizures and then had the surgery. Both James and Virginia have limited vision in their left eye and limited mobility in their left arm and hand. James received the surgery at the right time and really is just like a typical kid and really tries to use his left hand. Virginia is a couple age levels behind but is the sweetest most delightful girl I’ve ever met.

All of these kids have just been incredible and have really pushed themselves to new heights this week. I could not be prouder of my kids, and I am so impressed with all of them. It truly has been an amazing week, and if you can participate with something like this I strongly encourage it!


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