Working Within the System

Something I am discovering with working with individuals with special needs is that it’s a very complicated system. What I mean is that rules are always extensive and always changing. There’s certifications you have to under go and rules you have to follow and rules that change and recharge. It’s all rather complicated and tiring.

But there are ways of getting around some of the problems that certain programs create. For example: keeping in mind that you are not stuck with that one agency or that school district. There are tons of other programs and other establishments that might not be as irritating as your company. This is something I am discovering and dealing with currently.

One of the agencies I contract through is changing their policies. Basically I can either become an employee for half the pay or I can become my own agency. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t work this kind of job for half the pay, that’s just ludicrous. However, becoming your own agency is no easy task. There’s substantial paper work and it’s also very difficult to get your “agency” approved of, even if you already have clients and it’s only your self.

So here’s the question. Do you work for an unreasonably low salary? Or do you leave the agency and drop those clients? For me, I’m not sure what’s going to be best for me. My family is also affected by the change of policy and are going to attempt to make there own agency in which I can contract out of, but the issue still resides whether or not they will get approved.

As far as my clients go, I feel loyalties to them. If I could I would like to still work with them, I’ve had these ones for over a year. But is that drastic of a pay cut worth it? Im not sure, but thankfully I do contract through another agency in which I get most of my work from, so I’m not completely dependent on this one agency. I’m also thinking of maybe applying to a special needs program or school activity to get more work. There is always options, it’s just the difficult part of trying to pick what’s best, and keeping in mind that their policies too might change.


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