Private Time

Every individual has some rather, personal needs. It is very important that these needs get met, and proper education is a key aspect to giving your child and adult what they require. In particular, the need I am discussing is that of masturbation.

Many people in our society seem to be  ashamed or embarrassed to discuss this topic; however, as many parents of typical and special needs kids know, it’s something that every child and adult seem to desire to partake in, at least once.

You see, kids and adults with special needs have this physical need just as any other ordinary person. Being comfortable and open with your self, your family, and your care takers is something that could be helpful for your child. With some of my clients, for example, when they feel the urge they may begin to do so in front of people, out in public, in the car, where ever. It takes time and proper intervention tactics to teach your kid that there is a time and a place to do this activity; as well as teaching proper hygiene after the act.

Every child is different and will approach and need things differently than others, but if it is helpful here is what some of my clients do for this activity:

When the child tries to begin the act of masturbation we urge him to go to his room, not as a punishment because what he is dong is not wrong and should not result in a time out. For privacy reasons we close the door but leave it open just a sliver, so he can see that he can come out whenever he likes. If the activity goes on over fifteen minutes we may pop our head in and make sure he is okay, but otherwise this is his time to do what he will. Afterwords we have him go to the bathroom and then wash his hands.

If we are out in the community it is a little difficult to get him to stop trying to masturbate. I always say that he has to do it at his home or give him a time limit for when he can masturbate (i.e. one more hour, thirty more minutes etc.). If the child has OCD it can be difficult to prevent him from stopping, if you have safety mits I would suggest using these to get him to stop. In some cases, you may just have to take him home or find a safe place in which he can do what he needs to do. Finding an activity for them to focus on instead of masturbation sometimes works as well.

One thing I also suggest is to not discuss this activity with your children if they are younger. It’s not something that’s really appropriate for them to hear about their sibling doing. Making them aware that their sibling might do this accidentally in front of them is okay, but anything other than that I would leave out. I’m all for openness within the family, but it’s just not being considerate to their needs. Their your child, not a parent of their sibling.


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