Perspective Part Two

The Strength of Autism

The Strength of Autism

The one thing I feel I must articulate and expand on is that my purpose for this blog is NOT to bash on autism or make it seem like it is entirely and always a bad thing. Just like everything else in this world, every individual has their strengths and challenges which can be similar or mildly different or completely different.

For the people who are severely autistic, often life and every day activities can be incredibly difficult and challenging to deal with. In these instances, knowing how autism forms within people would be beneficial; moreover, knowing a cure for autism would greatly impact these individuals lives in a completely positive manner.

With that said, knowing these crucial details about autism may not be as necessary or even wanted for individuals that do not struggle with it in the same way. With my sibling for example, Daniel is the happiest guy I know. He doesn’t appear to be held down by his disability; even better, his personality and skills can all be looked at as just a difference in ABILITY vs as an actual disability.

As a child, while my brother was in a darker place, I often wished that he didn’t suffer with autism. However, as time moved forward, and as he and I strengthened and grew, I learned that his disability was a gift; ultimately, enriching not only his life, but mine as well.

Today, if given the power, I would not wish that my brother wasn’t autistic. He’s perfect the way he is, and him and I would not be the same without his unique strengths within autism.


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