The Importance of “You” Time

For those of you who can relate, working and being around individuals with special needs all of the time can be straining.

As I have mentioned, I originally developed this blog for a class asignment. So once a week since January I have been writing about a whole bunch of different aspects dealing with special needs. Also, I have an “Autism Awareness” page on facebook that I post news and awareness on multiple times a week. In addition to that I also work 13+ hours a week with special needs kids and adults; not to mention that my brother is autistic as well.

So this week, I am finding myself a bit drained. Don’t get me wrong, I love my special needs community and my job and of course my brother as well. However, sometimes I feel I do more for others than myself. That is to say, I do too much for others over myself.

From some of the research I have done for my sites I have learned that siblings of kids with autism from the 90’s (me), are more likely to be responsible and compassionate and 76% more likely to go into the field of special needs. In comparing this information to myself it isn’t difficult to see the proof of this information (not intending to be boastful or arrogant in any way).

I do however have a life outside of special needs. I have many friends and social outings, school, and even a boyfriend. But it is difficult to not think about my work, and websites, and of course my brother. The hardest is the overall worry about my sibling and about my kids that I work with.

It’s difficult to keep the two halfs of my being separated. I don’t try to, but at times, it’s what you have to do to subside the worry and concentrate on enjoying your own life.

This week, the main thing I want to remind everyone is that there is only so much you can do. I understand that it can be difficult, but you dont do your self nor your child, or sibling, or client, or grandchild any good by worrying over them day in and day out. You have to look at the silver lining, even if it feels like it’s none existent and impossible to see.


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