Future Work and Education Goals

Adam's Camp 2008

Adam's Camp 2008

I am very excited today!! I visited the Career Center and my university and discovered what it’s going to take to become an occupational therapist.

First of all, the last three years of working towards an undergraduate in English was not all for nothing. Actually, you can study a wide range of subjects and get your masters, which is a requirement, and still get into the field. I believe these subjects included: Sociology, Physiology, Biology, Art, and Liberal Arts.

Finding this out was very exciting for me. I only need 72 more credits to get my undergraduate in English! Then I will most likely transfer to a school that offers an occupational therapy program (CSU is the only university in Colorado that offers this).

I will say that two years ago I never thought that I would be getting into this field. Growing up with a brother with Autism has given me a fast knowledge and training on the subject that has really set me up for success with my current and future career. However, because I have been around it for 19 years it is quite honestly the last career I would have ever wanted.

You see, I got into this job by accident. When I moved out I was able to work with my brother professionally as an independent contractor through the agency that my brother gets funding from. Once I began that his speech therapist then recommended me to a family who I had actually met previously through Adam’s Camp. After working with their kid for a couple months then too then recommended me to two other families. And my side job then became my full job.

When I first started with my second client it was hard for me on our though days to differentiate between him and how my brother use to be. What I mean is that whenever my client would have a tantrum or a hard time with what I was trying to work on with him it would bring me back to the times where my own brother struggled. I hated my job at first, but after a while I learned just how different and unique both of them are. Now I love my client like a son and like a brother. And now I love my job, I dread the day when I have to say good bye to my kids.

Now how I decided to become an O.T. is also something I stumbled into. After going to college for three years I realize that if I want to keep going to college and furthering my education I would need to find a good higher paying job once I get done. Finding a job in the English field would not be an easy task. I want to be a professor in the long run but I would need to attend a better university then the one I am currently going to, and it would take many more years of education.

That’s when the idea came to mind. The special needs field is ever expanding and is always in need of workers because it is such a high turn over field. I am already prepared for the stresses of the job and I already have work and volunteer experience. Not to mention how well connected I am in the community.

Getting a job in this field would be perfect for me. Maybe, perhaps, only for a decade or so but I’m not sure where it will all lead. Maybe I’ll run my own special needs school some day :-). Who knows? But I’m excited to find out.


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