Pop-up Daniel

Camping Trip

All of us I am sure have our own experiences and stories that involve special needs or something along those lines. Here’s one of mine!

It was back in 1996 I believe. My family and I were going to Colorado for my uncle and aunts wedding. We all thought that this would be a good opportunity for a small vacation, so we decided to camp our way up to the wedding destination.

We found a nice spot in a large camp ground. There were tall tall green pine trees that shut out all the light from the sky, and the grounds were crisp and fresh feeling. A small creek flowed behind our campsite and sung us to sleep that night.

In the morning, we woke up shortly after sunrise. We all pitched in to make breakfast and laughed a little at remembering what had happened on the trip thus far. Afterwords, we cleaned up our mess and began to break camp. We were taking in a pop-up with is kind of like a trailer only your crank it down and crank it up to sleep in.

While we were cranking it down my brother Daniel attempted to climb back in. Immediately my mother and I pulled him back up and explained that we were all done camping for now, and then continued to help my father crank down the pop-up.

After another ten minutes or so we managed to pop it all the way down, now it was time to latch it all up. One this pop-up there were four latches that needed to be done in order to secure it properly. We managed to get three of them done with ease, but the last one in the corner was not wanting to cooperate.

First I attempted to jump up and down on it to get it to latch, it was no use. Then my mother tried, still no good. Finally, my father jumped up and down with all of his might to latch it down when finally, it latched.

After finishing cleaning up camp and locking down the pop-up my parents and I made a horrifying discovery, Daniel was missing. In sheer panic my mother went off in one direction while my father and I went off in the other. “Daniel, Daniel!” we would call and call but see no sight of him. After a short amount of time, other campers began to help us search for him. You could hear his name being echoes over and over again bouncing off of the trees and creek and mountain tops, but no one seemed to be able to find him.

After a while my father was beginning to think that we would have to call in for a search and rescue team, but then he remember something. He started to run off in one direction headed for the camper as I simply tried to keep up. He asked for my assistance upon my arrival and the pair of us unlatched the pop-up and began to crank it back up.

Slowly but surely as it began to resemble a tent again we could see Daniel. He was in the most unusual position with his head tilted to the side and one arm over his head and his legs sprawled out in front of him. Daniel was stuffed into that little corner that we had been struggling with. He didn’t make a single noise either but seemed delighted to be able to stretch out comfortably.

Overjoyed and tickled by the overall experienced my father and I yelled to the other campers that we had found him and retold the story to all of them.

At the time I remember it being incredibly scary and frightening but now it’s just one of my families favorite stories to share.

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