Siblings and Special Needs

Siblings at Adam's Camp

I am excited! I have officially signed up to volunteer with the special needs camp called Adam’s Camp! It’ll be my ninth year with the camp, and I absolutely love it.

For those of you who do not know of Adam’s Camp, here is a brief description. Adam’s Camp is a camp for special needs kids and adults and their families. The lower functioning or younger campers can be signed up for the therapy camps or “I Can” camps. In therapy camps, the kids spend time with highly trained therapists and participate in activities that they may not always have access to, such as: zip lining, rock climbing, swimming, roller skating, and much much more. Also, in I Can camps, the kids do a week long sleep over with the therapists and counselors, this can be a nice break for some families.

In addition, with these camp programs, the families of the special kids can go to there very own camp sessions as well. Ill be volunteering with the siblings program, which really devotes time and individual attention to the siblings of special needs kids. Often, these siblings don’t get enough attention at home because their siblings require so much extra help. This camp really allows for these kids to bond and realize that they aren’t alone in the challenges that they deal with everyday. This camp actually introduced my best friend Conner and I to one another. Now, let’s not forget about the parents. While their kids are off at their camps, the parents can meet and share stories. There are also times in which the parents can discuss specific issues, such as planning for the future. From what my parents have told me, these sessions can be very helpful for those who don’t know what to do or are facing a new challenge with their child.

In addition, there is also “Adventure camp”. This is a week long sleep over camp for older or higher functioning individuals with special needs. I love adventure camp (being in the siblings program allows me to help out in many of the other camps as well). Adventure camp allows for these people to make friends and connections, and really feel like a typical kid for once. They go out to Grand Lake and shop around, go river rafting, and even get to go to out Adam’s Camp Dance (which is the best dance I have ever been to!).

Adam’s camp is like my second family. I just feel so connected to everyone. All of the counselors and volunteers and campers are so generous and warm hearted, even new comers are just instantly welcomed into our Adam’s Camp family.

And best of all, I get to volunteer the same week that my brother will be in Adventure camp. It’s so awesome to get to see him interact with other kids and adults similar to him. He’s none verbal but everyone accepts him and loves him for him. It’s a great thing to witness, even though I know I distract him when I’m there because he want’s to hang out with me :-).

One thought on “Siblings and Special Needs

  1. Thanks for this post. I had actually found Adam’s Camp in the Cerebral Palsy Family Network suvival guide, a great resource for all kinds of things for families of special needs kids. I found camps, both long-tern and day, dance, yoga, cheerleading, athletic leagues and parks that cater to mobility-impaired patrons. It’s time to plan for summer! Check it out. Thanks again.


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